Last week I embarked on a new adventure, kids in school. Here in Canada kids start Junior Kindergarten at age 4, a whole year earlier than I am use to. Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration on how to get organized and lunch ideas to keep them excited. One thing I noticed however is that a lot of the storage solutions are expensive. While I am always about cute and fun storage solutions, I don’t always want that high price tag.


I decided to visit the local Dollar Tree to see what I could find. They have a decent selection of bins and you can’t beat the price. I went with a few short and deep to fill with fruits and snacks for Parker’s lunch. Then I also grabbed a larger bin for all of our bread, rolls, and bagels. They always seem to be taking over our fridge! For only $5 I was able to make a huge difference in our fridge and save a lot of time in the morning getting things together. Normally I would label these but what we buy one week to the next changes. Plus I can see what’s inside 🙂


This obviously isn’t in the fridge but I wanted to also quickly share our snack organization. This little drawer set I picked up at a thrift store for a few dollars. It’s narrow and fits well in the small cabinet we use as a pantry. Each drawer has a different theme. Top is breakfast, second is snacks, third are granola bars, and the bottom is chocolate (my favorite!). Taking packages out of the box saves so much room and this set up helps to see what options there are.

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