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Stroller Sign

The last few times we were at Disney I couldn’t believe all of the stroller parking there was. Entire sections were dedicated to strollers and staff would move them around as people left to fill spaces.

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Disney Crushed Penny Containers

I always enjoy being able to repurpose something we already have for something new. Since we are on a budget for Disney and don’t need another stuffed animal in the house Rob and I tried

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Counting Down To Disney

As we get closer and closer to our trip Parker has been asking specifically how many more days. Once we hit 15 it was times to create a countdown for him. I loved this project because

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I Love You Because…

This year Rob and I decided not to do tradition gifts for Valentine’s Day since we are going on a big vacation. In the past I have done coupons for you pick movie nights or

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Disney Money Jars

With the holidays over I am excited to jump into all the Disney vacation projects on my wish list. This will be our last trip for awhile so I am pulling out all the stops! I

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