This post has been a long time coming… We are only 2 months away from Caity’s 3rd birthday and I finally found the motivation to finish up the last few pieces of her room which has been moved 3 times since she was born.

By the time I got around to taking photos we had already taken one side of the crib off to start the transition to her big girl bed. The crib was a hand me down from Parker and now it’s been passed down again to my sister who is expecting the end of the month. The hutch I found at a flea market in Jersey, all it needed was a few coats of paint.

The bedding I had custom made from Mrs Crafty Pants on Etsy. I picked the fabric, sent her some photos of what I liked, and she made up a design. She made the crib skirt, a few fitted mattress sheets, blanket, rail cover, boppy cover, and window valances. I’m so in love with the patterns, especially the Keepsake Calico – Spring Flower Red/Blue fabric.

This chair is probably my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house and has gotten the most mileage over the last 5 years. After coming home with Parker it was hard recovering from a c-section. I was miserable trying to get in and out of bed to try and get the nursing thing down. So for my birthday, which was a few days later, my parents bought me a recliner. This chair… I couldn’t even begin to count the number of nights it has been slept in. The number of cuddle naps it has given us. All the nights I would sneak in just to sit and watch them sleep. Just when I thought it got it use with Parker, Caity came along. With her colic I spent every single night for about nine months rocking and nursing her from 7pm – midnight. She took a nap on me every single day until she was about 19 months. And even now, as she comes up to her 3rd birthday we still cuddle in it every night. So this may not be the fanciest piece of furniture, but it is definitely my favorite!

This was one of my favorite projects in her room. I took an old lamp I scored at a yard sale for $2, added some paint, and covered the shade with Yo Yos in the same material as her fabric scrap garland. It provides the perfect dim light when reading stories at night in her chair.

The biggest change in her nursery was when we swapped out the changing pad and cloth diapers. She isn’t completely potty trained yet but with pull ups the need for a changing pad was gone. When we swapped from cloth to diapers we also got a traditional Diaper Genie. On a non-crafty related note we were able to use the same changing pad through both kids, 4 years! The padding was pretty much all gone but other than that it was still in great condition.

The dresser is also a hand me down from Parker that my mom stained. All I did was swap out the knobs for something a little more feminine. The blanket ladder is actually a bunk bed ladder I ordered off Amazon. I still have plans to stain it. I decided against painting since the blankets are already so colorful. The bow holder is from IKEA, more on that here.

I used the calendars on the right to help keep up with milestones and fun things to include in their monthly recaps over at Cherry Blossom Love. It was a convenient way to just jot a few things down while getting Caity ready for bed.

I’m sure her room will keep evolving as she grows but I am quite happy sitting in her chair and just looking around at it all.

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