Pens, Planners & Paper Clips + A GIVEAWAY

Towards the beginning of the year I started practicing my handwriting and lettering. It’s fun to get away from the computer every once in awhile. It wasn’t long before I had collect a nice assortment

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Headband Holder

Sometimes the most simple solutions can have the greatest impact in your home. When we found out we were having a girl my mind immediately went to all of the accessories. Bows, headbands, barrettes, and

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Quick Tip Tuesdays: Essential Oils

A few months ago I finally decided to take the plunge and invest in Essential Oils. I wanted to slowly replace all of our household cleaning agents and venture into some new uses. Shortly after

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Fridge Baskets

Last week I embarked on a new adventure, kids in school. Here in Canada kids start Junior Kindergarten at age 4, a whole year earlier than I am use to. Pinterest has been a great source

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Weekend Room Swap

Rob and I have this running joke that whenever he is away on business I rearrange the house. I am constantly moving around furniture and finding better ways to organize things. Sometimes, that means actually

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