Unicorns & Rainbows

Last weekend Little Miss got to spend the afternoon playing with her friends and eating far too many sweets. I always say this about the kids parties but this was a really fun theme to

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Parker’s Construction Birthday

This was the first year Parker got to really choose what he wanted for his birthday party. After a few totally out there themes he said “diggers” I jumped on that immediately. It was a

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Berry Sweet Birthday

It’s hard to believe my sweet girl is two already. We decided to have a low key breakfast brunch to celebrate with a few friends. The kiddos had a wonderful time and breakfast food pretty

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Paw Patrol Birthday Party

When I started planning Parker’s 4th birthday party I certainly didn’t anticipate the 40 mph winds. Since it was about 95 that day I guess I am grateful the wind offered some relief. It did

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Black & Gold Bridal Shower

I still can’t believe my little sister is getting married. Seems like their engagement is flying by. This past weekend her future MIL, our Mom, and I threw a bridal shower for her. It was

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