Downsizing from a 4 bedroom 2,200 sq foot single family home to a 2 bedroom 1,200 sq foot apartment was both stressful and exciting. It felt great to go through the house and purge things that we just didn’t need. We had to go through twice the second time being more particular at what we kept. At the same time it was stressful to see all money we had wasted in these items. Luckily we were able to sell about 75% of everything through online yard sale groups and an epic yard sale on our front lawn. We also got a huge storage until because we found out right before our move we would be living in Canada for a few years. I didn’t want to sell everything off and then have to repurchase items.

Even though we only ended up living in our apartment for a few months I wanted to have everything unpacked and organized. I function better that way and it gives the kids some stability even though things were changing around them. It took about a week to unpack and tweak some areas for maximum organization.

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The kitchen happened to be the room we purged the most items from. I love gadgets and it’s easy to get swept up with how cute they are. In the end though all you need are the basics and a little creativity.

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Command Medium Hooks are a must have in rentals. Used along with wire shelving you can organize your bathroom, kitchen, pantry, and even playroom.


Our space was limited so we made sure to use every nook and cranny we could. That meant going up with our storage in cabinets.

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Although we were downsizing it was still important to me that the kiddos had a nice play area with plenty of toys to keep them busy. Luckily we were there from June – September so we spent time at the pool and outside, but staying sane in the evening and on rainy days was a must. We decided to use what is normally the dinning area as their play nook. It worked out perfectly!

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The Lazy Susan bookcase that was in Parker’s nursery made a great storage solution for smaller toys. And a wire pot/pan holder is great for puzzles.

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I am in love with the HEMNES Shoe cabinet. It’s a slim but effective storage solution for a small space. We were able to fit all of our flip flops, sneakers and all of the kids shoes inside. The top drawer was a safe place to keep keys, wallets, and sunglasses. It forced us to scale down to what we actually needed.

Entry Way Collage

Our apartment bathroom was not very appealing so I won’t dare show you full photos of it. I did find some helpful items, although not necessarily pretty, to keep what we needed organized.

Bathroom Collage

I wasn’t sure how the kids would do sharing a room but it worked out great. Caity wasn’t sleeping through the night yet so she did often end up in our room at some point. The room was large enough to bring most of their furniture. Parker’s new KURA Reversible Bed and TROFAST Storage Combination definitely made it into the Apartment Edition of my Tipful Thursday Series. I wanted him to have a little extra space to retreat to if he got too overwhelmed. Normally the walls would be full of decorations but I decided it wasn’t worth it to hang everything for only a few months.

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The kids closet was large enough to store all their clothing, equipment, and their changing table. It was great to be able to store everything away out of sight.

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Hanging Thirty-One Oh-Snap bins from the shelving above the changing table in the closet was a great use of space. You can also see a glimpse of our GNEDBY from IKEA in the picture above that again worked perfectly in a small space to store all of our cloth diapers. You can find the original post of how we organized our shared changing station in the last house here.

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I went back and forth on whether I wanted to bring along all my craft and office gear. Not knowing 100% whether we were staying or going I decided to bring it all along so I would have everything I needed to plan the kids birthday parties etc… I had to get creative in keeping everything out of site so it didn’t clutter the apartment but having our IKEA cubes, cabinet, and some space in the kitchen made it pretty easy. I also transferred some of the entry way organization from the last house to the apartment.

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There was already a built in office nook in the kitchen which made it an easy home base for most of my office items and crafting essentials.

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I can’t praise these caddies enough. They are so versatile and sturdy! They work great for all of my craft items I use the most.

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I elaborated more on my Rolling Office Cart in one of my Organizing 101 posts in July. It was perfect to organize all of our office needs but tucked under the desk when it wasn’t in use.

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This is certainly my shortest home tour but only being 1,200 square feet and living there for 3 months I think we did pretty good without spending any money!

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