Caity seems to be turning into a lady right before my eyes! Lately she has been sitting in the bathroom watching me get ready in the morning and I noticed she would take random items and pretend to use them to do her hair and apply makeup. I knew it was time to give her some play makeup of her own.

I have to give full credit to my Mom for this, she put together the perfect play makeup kit!

She secured pieces of felt into old compacts and even a travel first aid kit box using hot glue. The sparkle felt was a hit and I love that it doesn’t make a mess or leave glitter around the house!

Caity is also obsessed with lotion so my Mom took an old cream container and stuffed it with cotton fabric. It’s secured with hot glue on the bottom and sides so it won’t come out.

My favorite is probably the lip stick. She found it at Hobby Lobby in the sewing section. It’s real purpose is a travel pin cushion but it works perfectly for play. I also added in a few of the smaller brushes that I don’t use from my kit. If you don’t have empty compacts you can pick them up from the Dollar Tree¬†cheap and throw away the makeup if you won’t use it.

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