Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to share a quick DIY project that I am pretty pleased with. It was overall a quick, easy, and cheap project that has seemed to make significant impact in the kitchen.

My sweet tooth has been getting the better of me lately and I find myself wandering into the kitchen to make something sweet most evenings. Although it’s not a huge deal, it was always annoying to have to sit the recipe against something or tape it to one of the overhead cabinets.


My mom has used this recipe holder for as long as I can remember and by the looks of it that recipe too! I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is rather simple. Having had enough I decided to rummage through my supplies and scraps to see if I could make something similar.

Although it’s a little different, it is perfect for our kitchen and does the trick!

Supply Collage v2

This project took about 20 minutes, since I had to create the printable. I didn’t need to spend any money since I already had the materials but if you needed to purchase them it would be about $8. If you don’t have a hot glue gun at home you could use Gorilla Super Glue. The frame was an after Christmas clearance purchase at Target for a steal.

Helpful Tip: Always look out for red and green items after Christmas on clearance that can be used for Valentines Day and St Patrick’s Day. Thanks for that All Four Love blog!

I was originally going to keep the frame blank but decided to make a print so it served as a decoration when I wasn’t using it to help cook.

DSC_5761 watermarked

DSC_5770 watermarked

DSC_5772 watermarked



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