With the crazy last few weeks we’ve had I haven’t had much time, okay absolutely no time, to craft. I find that if I go to long without crafting¬†I can actually get a little cranky. Although I have a to-do list a mile long I decided to take the morning and work on a project I have had on the books for awhile.

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I am in love with how this turned out and can’t believe how easy and quick it was. Total it took about an hour to make and cost around $10 for supplies. It is also a good project for beginner crafters.

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You’ll need a hot glue gun, wooden letter (poster board or cardboard also work), a variety of flowers, and some twin to finish off the edges. I recommend a good mix of colors and texture flowers but you can really pick anything that fits the style of the room or occasion you are making it for.


The first step is to take apart all the flowers. I pull them from the stems and cut off the bottom so that they can lay flat. I keep all the leaves and use those on the bottom to cover in gaps between flowers.

The next part is my favorite because there is no rhyme or reason. You just start gluing flowers on, mixing sizes and textures, and filling in the gaps.

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DSC_6734 watermarked

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I am pretty excited with how this turned out and adds so much color to her room!

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