Does anyone else have a random space in their house? We have what can best be described as a loft area on the second floor. We didn’t “need” it for anything so it was really a dumping ground for furniture that didn’t have a home anywhere else. It really was an eye sore and got on my nerves every time I would come up the stairs. So a few months ago we decided to invest a little money and turn it into a reading area and place for the kids to entertain themselves if I needed to be upstairs doing something. Or in the morning when they wake before 6am. This past weekend I finished some of the final touches and can finally call this project DONE!

Here is what we were looking at before…

We decided on a camping theme and a $100 budget which welcomed the challenge of coming up with low cost decor ideas. I also wanted to make sure that what ever we made or purchased could travel easily and be used in the next house. I emptied the room little by little every morning. We put the couch up on Kijiji which sold in like 15 minutes. The rest went to the basement for future projects or to be sold before we move again. Then I worked on the decor during nap time and in the evening.

Rob was tasked with designing and building a tent that can fold flat for our next move and he definitely came through! He found all the materials he needed at Lowes. The fabric is actually a painters canvas tarp which really saved us money and was perfect. We used twine at the bottom to create a sleeve for the dowel to go through keeping the fabric secure. If you are interested in the specs he used send me an email.

Then I made some pillow covers and added a rug from IKEA to make it nice and comfortable underneath.

These were a lot of fun to make and didn’t take much time. A local craft store carries Masonite boards in a variety of sizes. Just added Americana Blue Deep and Oracle 651 vinyl. All the images I used are available in the Silhouette Design Store. Rob drilled a few holes and I strung them up with twine.

I purchased this planter from Jo Ann Fabrics on clearance but decided it made a better frame on the wall decorated in vinyl. All the images are from the Silhouette Design Store.

There were tons of cute ideas for fire pits on Pinterest but I didn’t want to make something they could destroy. So I decided to try out some Oracle 631 (temporary vinyl) and use it directly on the wall. The overall size is about 36×36. I added two fold up chars from Toys R Us for the kids to sit and read. Go figure they loved the cup holders the best.

I decided on a fabric scrap garland instead of using curtains or a traditional valance. The fabric and burlap is from a local store called Fabricland.

The directional sign was down in their playroom but we made some tweaks there and I thought it would be perfect here. The friends on the wall are from Amazon. I guess it could be considered a little morbid for a kids rooms but Parker and Caity love them and say hi to them every morning. They will probably hate me when they are old for it but oh well.

The kids have accumulated a LOT of books so figuring out a way to organize them was a little challenge. The Whitney Bros Carousel Book Case was a baby shower gift and is by far one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house. Then we picked up a few shelves to hold some of the smaller board books the kids often reach for first. And yes clearly I didn’t take the above and below pictures on the same day since there are completely different books on them 🙂

While we were at IKEA we also found this rug which was too perfect not to grab.

And these lanterns which also double as a nightlight when the kids sneak into our room. I used the 8 hour timer candles so they are on from 10pm – 6am every night.

I am very pleased with how it turned out and happy with the low maintenance clean up it needs. The kids are good about putting the books back when asked but about once a week I sit down for a few minutes and organize them. It gives me a chance to pull out some of the books we haven’t read in awhile since the kids tend to pick the same ones over and over again.

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