This was the first year Parker got to really choose what he wanted for his birthday party. After a few totally out there themes he said “diggers” I jumped on that immediately. It was a fun idea and easy to find budget friendly decorating ideas. He also wanted all of his friends from school to come. Luckily his party was still during the school year so no one was on summer vacation yet.

I always enjoy putting the kids birthdays together but this one was surprisingly super easy. I made several paper decorations with my Silhouette.

A plastic table cloth from Dollar Rama was a great base for some brown sugar and s few of Parker’s diggers construction vehicles.

I tried to have a mix of healthy and sweet foods which was a big hit with the kiddos.

They weather was iffy so we set up some games and the sand table inside. Eventually they begged to go outside so we all transferred the party to the back where we played Pin the Nail and several games of kick the ball around.

But I think the biggest hit was the loot bags. The kids were asking to play with them before the party was even over. I bought pails and shovels from Dollar Rama and filled them with goodies. Then I personalized hats from Amazon and tool belts from Home Depot.

It was a great day and so much fun to see Parker play with all of his school friends!

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