Towards the beginning of the year I started practicing my handwriting and lettering. It’s fun to get away from the computer every once in awhile. It wasn’t long before I had collect a nice assortment of pens and markers and wanted to find a pretty but functional way to display them. I have on hand a good variety of galvanized buckets which were perfect to separate them. Then I found an IKEA Lazy Susan at a local thrift store for $5 CAD.

Unfortunately I quickly realized that if it was spun too fast the tins would fall off and pens would go everywhere. As pens and markers flew everywhere my two year old gasped and said, “oh boy…”

Rob found Super Magnets at a local hardware store for $10.99 CAD. We taped them down first to make sure they were in a good spot. Then he put a dot Gorilla Glue on and let them sit over night. Keeping the tape on worked great to flip the magnet over and secure it. No glued fingers!

The large pail in the middle is from Dollar Tree – $1.25 CAD, the scalloped smaller pail is from Walmart – $1.97 CAD, and the rest are from Hobby Lobby – $1.99 USD.

It’s so prettty!!!!!

I’ve dedicated the work space on my WORKBOX to planning. It gets me away from the computer and it’s so pretty to look at!

This acrylic organizer from Amazon has been perfect to organize all my stickers, notepads, and planner extras.

I’m such a sucker for a cute sticker pack! I also have a bunch from Etsy that aren’t pictured here.

Right now I have my planner, fitness planner, and recipe planner. Then I also have a bullet journal, sketch book to practice, and a separate book for the monthly #rockyourhandwriting challenge.

And the little drawers above are perfect for all my stamps, stencils, and paper clips.

It’s been awhile since I have done a giveaway so I decided it was the perfect time. I found this adorable adult coloring book at a local art store and loved that it said Art Therapy, since that is what my bachelors is in. It’s also something I am very passionate about. Art is such a healthy avenue for people to express their feelings, unwind, and meditate. Enter below for your chance to win! Giveaway open to US & Canada.

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