Sharing DIY projects is one of my favorite things about having a blog. I love seeing something in a store, online or on TV and figuring out how I can make it myself. I truly believe that everyone has a crafty side, it just takes a little inspiration and a few step by step instructions.


There is something about an organized home and carefully laid out planner that puts my mind at ease. Life with two little at home is chaotic to say the least but an organized home and layed out plan for the week help us stay on track giving us more time to spend as a family. If I ever find my stress level rising I take a moment to sit down and write out lists of what needs to be done, who needs to be called, and what needs to be purchased.
Iv’e always had a knack for organizing and getting the most out of small spaces. Utilizing baskets, boxes, and some non-traditions items I gladly accept the challenge of finding the perfect spot for everything in our home. Rob has a love/hate relationship with this passion since organizing is an evolving process which means items have a tendency to move around from time to time.


Here you can find some of my favorite products and projects that I have used around the house to keep us organized. I will be adding tons of new projects in 2015 as I begin to really dig into organizing our home one room at a time. Enjoy!