Friends, family, and occasional readers seem to like the various organizational methods that I use around our home. Since life continues to be unpredictable and there usually isn’t enough hours in the day to write long posts I decided to start a short and sweet series called Tuesday’s Quick Tips. Here I will share my latest or most effective organizational ideas that helps keep me sane throughout the day.

To start us off I am going to share something I threw together yesterday that received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook.

Bins On Stairs - 8

I feel like 75% of my day is picking things up. At times the stairs are piled with items that need to be brought upstairs. Lose socks, toys, toiletries, etc… While at Dollar Rama I found these tin pails that I thought would fit perfectly on the stairs. Just need a personal touch and tada! A visually appealing way to gather items from around the house and easy way to bring them upstairs. At night when we take the kids upstairs for bed we each grab one to carry up. I bring them back down in the morning, usually filled with what needs to go downstairs, and put them back in their place.

For those that don’t have a Silhouette you could easily purchase letter stickers, markers, order custom decals (from designsBYmcm *wink*) or even add a tag to each handle. You can also use small open garbage cans, or pretty much anything else that would fit on your stairs. The possibilities are endless, the cost is minimal and the functionality is priceless! You could complete this project anywhere from $5 – $15 depending on what you find. Stores like the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Dollar Rama, are great places to find inexpensive storage items.

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