To say I have been waiting for this day is an understatement. Last week Parker came home from “school” with a pink sheet of his classmates for their Valentien’s Day Exchange. Ekkkkk the time of crafts, room parties, and field trips is finally here! I went straight to Pinterest and ended up deciding on heart shaped crayons. There were many pins of Pinterest but I ended up choosing Cherished Bliss for my inspiration.

We took a quick trip to Target to get some supplies. Overall, this project was very easy and relatively inexpensive, especially if you have old broken crayons laying around.

Box of 120 crayons – Target $6.99
Heart shaped silicon mold – Target $9.99 (similar here)
Treat bags – Michael’s $5 for a pack of 50 (similar here)

You will also need an X-Acto knife, old cutting board, butcher knife, cookie sheet, card stock, and a stapler.


The most time consuming part was removing all of the paper. Ideally you would use old broken crayons you already have laying around but we don’t have many of those yet. I used the X-Actro knife to slice the crayon paper making it much easier to remove. This was an easy project to do up in Caity’s nursery while she was playing on her play mat. I decided not to do it around Parker because I didn’t want to encourage him to always take the paper off his crayons. Like it isn’t a natural instinct 😉


Once they were all done I found an old cutting board and used our butcher knife to cut about 8 at a time.


Once they were all chopped up I filled the molds to the top and added the little speckles left over. I did notice that there are quite a few browns in the box. You may want to leave some of those out and balance the colors so there is a few more lighter colors than darker ones.


I suggest putting the mold on a cookie sheet in case they spill over. That is certainly a mess I would not want to clean up! The bake time will vary depending on your oven, we ended up baking ours on 120 degrees for 16 minutes. We started with 10 minutes and kept adding time until all the chunks had melted. Once they were completely cool, about 45 minutes I popped them out!


While they were baking I used the template from Parker’s nautical second birthday favors to make Valentine themed ones. For the month of February you can download this template here! Special shout out to Miss Kate Cuttables who makes adorable digital images like the heart monsters above!


Although I did most of the work these were coming from Parker so I had him color a little on the back of each one.


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