I fell in love with our house in Virginia the moment I stepped foot inside. It had such a unique layout, perfect for a young children and plenty of creative space for me to work with. The house is technically 3 split level floors with a 4th floor that consists of 1 room. The bottom floor is the entry way, living room, and hallway that leads to a guest 1/2 bath, coat closet, door to the garage, and laundry room. The second floor has another living room, kitchen and dinning room that over looks the first floor. The third floor has a master bedroom with small walking closet and a master bath. There are also 2 bedrooms and a full bath. A short set of stairs lead up to a 4th bedroom that has become my craft room.

We ended up selling our house in just under a week and the new tenants were anxious so our move was rather rushed. Originally I wanted to paint ahead of time but that didn’t happen. I knew it would be awhile before the task would be accomplished so we decided to move in and decorate. BIG MISTAKE. Trying to decorate a fully furnished house with a toddler and now infant has certainly been a challenge. While I try to tackle one large project each month to keep some momentum, life usually gets in the way.

My biggest accomplishment so far was also the biggest challenge, painting. I figured I would paint each room myself one at a time but after a year I realized that was not going to be possible. Rob and I ended up getting a quote from a local company and decided to just go for it and have everything done at once in September of 2013. He was deployed at the time so he didn’t get to see it finished until December. Choosing colors was a lot of fun but quite stressful. I wanted to go bold but having never painted before, I was worried my color choices wouldn’t work together. A crew came in and it took six days to remove wallpaper and transform our home.

Collor Collage

First floor entry, living room, and hallway – Valspar Feather Gray
First floor 1/2 bathroom – Valspar Prarie Brush
Stairs leading up to the second floor – Valspar Champion Cobalt
Second floor dinning room – Valspar Sundance and Champion Cobalt
Second floor living room and kitchen – Valspar Pike’s Peak
Stairs leading up to the third floor – Show Stopper
Third Floor hallway – Valspar Show Stopper
Third floor master bedroom – Valspar Feather Gray and Pike’s Peak
Caity’s nursery – Valspar La Fonda (5007-8B), Sienna Dust (2004-9A), and Deep Walnut
Parker’s Airplane Room – Valspar Dijon (3006-1A) and Pike’s Peak
Third floor guest bathroom – Valspar Snow White
Stair leading up to the forth floor – Valspar Show Stopper
Forth floor craft room – Valspar Spa Pool (5002-6A)

The final result still makes me smile even a year later. The colors, although bold, work well together and everyone compliments the relaxed and comfortable vibe they get while visiting.

The next step was addressing all of the hardware around the home. EVERYTHING was gold which is definitely not my preference. The lights were also extremely outdated and we needed to do something about the outlets as our infant was turning into a curious toddler. What a project this was! Not only was it hard to pick everything out to coordinate, but replacing 14 door knobs, 14 door stops, 4 vent covers, 50+ outlets and switches, and 5 overhead lights. We also installed a brand new ceiling fan in the living/play room since there was not one there and I didn’t want standing lamps around. You can check out more about updating our hardware here.

Home Tour Page Collage


Changing out the bathroom fixtures and installing the ceiling fans was a little tricky but the hard work definitely paid off in the end.

Half Bath



PW8637117 - Interior (General)

PW8637117 - Living Room

PW8637117 - View

PW8637117 - Dining Room

Dining Room Mine

Overlooking Play Room

PW8637117 - Family Room

PW8637117 - Kitchen

PW8637117 - Bedroom

PW8637117 - Bedroom

PW8637117 - Bath

PW8637117 - Bedroom (Master)

PW8637117 - Bath (Master)

Living Room Mine

PW8637117 - Bedroom

Now I am just going around to finish decorating and organizing each room one by one. I find tons of inspiration on Pinterest and have created a few boards to help keep my creative juices flowing.

Follow Mary Meyer’s board Home Decor on Pinterest.

Follow Mary Meyer’s board Organizing Life on Pinterest.

Inspirational Boards v2
Home Tour v2

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