Rob and I have this running joke that whenever he is away on business I rearrange the house. I am constantly moving around furniture and finding better ways to organize things. Sometimes, that means actually swapping out rooms. This past week Rob was away and I realized that our current layout on the first floor was just not working out. About an hour later the playroom, studio, and living room had been emptied of all decor. Then I decided to call Rob and tell him what would be on the agenda this weekend. He was thrilled. But in all seriousness, it just wasn’t working and although I have a lot going on right now, I knew a change would allow me to be more productive and the kids a little happier.

We started out with this…

IMG_0864 watermarked

IMG_0881 watermarked

I sketched out some ideas for each room and then we made our weekend trip to IKEA. This time we only needed a few things to accomplish this swap.

IMG_0922 watermarked

I will do a more in depth tour but for now here is what we ended up with by Sunday evening.

IMG_0950 watermarked

IMG_0948 watermarked

IMG_0949 watermarked

IMG_0957 watermarked

IMG_0958 watermarked

IMG_0951 watermarked

IMG_0952 watermarked

IMG_0954 watermarked

I can’t believe we got it all done in 2 days! I still have some final touches but the change is always proving to be a smart decision.

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